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Welcome to Abacus!

Abacus is the modern investor and client onboarding platform for funds and broker-dealers. Reduce long back-and-forth onboarding sessions, eliminate inefficient data collection, and streamline your compliance workflows with our software:

  • Intelligent forms that protect against human error: Transform static onboarding and subscription documents into dynamic forms that catch errors in real time so you don't have to. Information can be validated through simple rules or API integrations with the third party providers you already use.
  • Faster onboarding times: Abacus makes lengthy and complicated onboarding and subscription documents simple and easy. A guided experience ensures clients or investors see the right information at the right time. The result is a frictionless client experience and faster document completion rates.

  • Data that flows freely: You'll never have to worry about unlocking data from a PDF again. Use our APIs and integrations to connect Abacus to the rest of your systems.