Abacus is serious about security

We take security very seriously at Abacus.

Secure Data

Our top priority is to ensure that customer data is safe and secure.

  • Data encrypted at rest with industry-standard AES-256
  • Data encrypted in transit via TLS
  • Secure use of VPCs and flow log auditing
  • Secure VPN guarded with OpenVPN
  • Granular access controls on data access within the company

Secure Code

We take great caution to ensure that our code follows best security practices. Our code is carefully reviewed and tested before being deployed to production.

  • Third party penetration testing
  • Mandatory code reviews
  • Vulnerability scanning
  • Protection against XSS, SQL Injection, and other common attacks

Secure Team

We pride ourselves on our culture of security within our team. Before a new team member joins, we perform extensive background checks and provide training before allowing access to code.

  • Background checks
  • MFA and password manager requirements
  • Ongoing training
  • Granular access controls on a need-to-know basis throughout the company
  • Code of conduct